Smart Factory Solutions

Plant operations becomes more complex and there is continues demand of more efficiency and better quality. AS Modern manufacturing practices, demand the flexibility of running many products down a single line while maintaining the quality and efficiency necessary to succeed in a competitive, global economy. This requires a global strategy to monitor and control all aspects of your plant floor processes that can affect quality and efficiency. Your approach to plant floor process control can no longer be written in a language only understood by control engineers. World-class standards demand that quality and efficiency are the language of your entire organization. Your approach to plant floor quality should not be a science project understood by few. AN-Technology improve your production efficiency and quality enhance communications and reduce waste time and efforts by track of all manufacturing information in real time, receiving up-to-the-minute data from robots, machine monitors and employees.

Our smart solutions reduce the amount of time and resources required to capture and communicate critical information across your organisation and dynamically translate this data into actionable intelligence. They empower employees to take the appropriate corrective action to help eliminate losses and promotes a sense of ownership and collaboration. Our secure OPC architecture can communicate to virtually every type or brand of PLC. Smart wireless sensors facilitate the capturing of data from non-networked machines or semi-manual/manual processes.



In your world, does Andon mean Push buttons and Stack lights?

Think again.

Are you looking for your Andon system to turn on a stack light or give you critical insight to how your assembly line is really running? If Goal, Planned, Actual and OEE are part of your vocabulary, you need a tool set that identifies when a myriad of every day scenarios play out on your line and provides you instant visibility of that information.

Every action, good or bad, has a direct impact on your efficiency. Modern manufacturing demands quality, efficiency and flexibility. Only a tool set built with these values in mind can deliver the performance to effectively meet these demands.

AN-Technology Smart ANDON is the solution provides the ultimate modern approach to every day challenges of manufacturing.

Machinery Upgrade

There are lots of different factors that contribute to the success of a company: its facilities, employees, marketing stratagems, and, importantly, its machinery. These things combine to make or break a business, constituting the difference between a phenomenal performance and a bottom-of-the-barrel showing.

However, there is one issue that often prevents enterprises from accessing the very best of them: capital. To hire the finest staff and facilities, and fund a premier marketing campaign, you need to have enough money to engage them, and many smaller businesses simply can’t compete with their larger competitors.

Machinery is a great case in point. If you’re unsure of whether or not you really need that upgrade, here are three reasons that you should consider it…