Business technology, whether it is called IT, IS, ICT or Business Systems, is a much misunderstood and maligned discipline, simply because it is so often done so badly. Too often the responsibility of devising and implementing technology-based systems to support business operations is left to technologists, with the result that what is implemented, however technically brilliant, is a disappointment to the business and a waste of expenditure.

Our consultants are experienced business people who have enjoyed successful careers in senior management and business leadership, and whose focus is always upon business improvement. They are pragmatic about the use of technology and the benefits it can bring. Their invaluable experience can help you with the implementation of complex systems in several of the major IT systems areas.


Customer Relationship Management also called CRM is primarily a management discipline embodying the way an organization deals with its customers across all interfaces and operating divisions. In order to provide all parts of the organization with a unified view of the customer, enabling the organization to speak with a unified voice, CRM is usually supported by and implemented through a CRM system.


ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP systems are very complex, and in order to function must underlay the whole operational side of a business.

The generic capabilities of ERP systems are well understood, as are the methodologies for using them, however the complexity of these systems, and the wide range of business practices and variables that they must encompass, means that they are hard to implement successfully.

Document Management

Document Management is one of the major themes of modern business IT. We are creating ever more digital content - documents, emails, web pages, and these are becoming major information asset bases in our organizations.

Our content includes contracts, informal agreements, customer promises and problems, marketing materials, operating processes, product and service documentation, transaction records, the list is endless. Document management is very simply the business of capturing and managing this resources for the future.